Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Deenanth mohin kahe bisare

Dinanatha mohin kahe bisare
Hamarihin bara mauna kahe bisare
O Lord of the destitute!  Why have you forsaken me?  When it came to my turn to receive your grace, why have you suddenly become silent?

natha agati ke gati anatha hama,
kahahu kauna gati mori vichare
Merciful Lord!  You are the shelter of the helpless, and I am an orphan.  What have you thought about me?

Ganika gidha ajamila adika,
sunata amita patitana tuma pyare
I have heard that Ganika (a courtesan), Geedh (a vulture) and Ajamil (a fallen soul) were very dear to you.

Ina sama aganita patita roma prati,
Varata patita virada rakhavare
I am so fallen that countless Ganikas, Geedhs, and Ajamils can be  sacrificed on each and every pore of my being.

Dambha koti shata kalanemi sama,
Kotina ravana sama mada dhare
My hypocrisy equals that of millions of Kalnemis and in pride I equal countless Ravans.

Lajahun jasu lajati adhama asa,
Hain na hue na tu hvaihain bhare
Shame itself is put to shame looking at my sins. There can be no  worse sinner than me in the past, present, or the future.

Kaune mukha ‘kripalu’ prabhu sana kachhu,
Kahiya natha aba hatha tihare
Says Shree‘Kripalu’, “O Lord!  With what mouth can I speak?  Everything is in your hands now. You may accept me or reject me, as you like.”

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