Friday, February 17, 2017

How to attain eternal bliss

Although the society is divided on the basis of cast, creed, race, gender, nationality, species, etc., there is one phenomenon that remains the same in all life forms, i.e. they all are seeking bliss; they may have different opinions as to where and how they seek it but their nature to seek remains no matter what.  This lecture on How to Attain Eternal Bliss, has been divided in three episodes; in this clip,  Swamiji starts with the importance of human body.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Mero Priyatam Kunj Bihari

mero priyatama kuṅja bihārī, 
tana mana dhana una para vārī
My beloved is Shree Krishna, who performs sweet pastimes in the groves of 

Vrindavan. I sacrifice my body, mind, and wealth upon him.

mero prāṇa prāṇa banavārī,
viharata nita saṅga bihārī

Shree Krishna is the life of my life.
I always accompany him, participating in his eternal pastimes.

ve vrindāvipina bihārī,
 hvai gai unatei mama yārī
I have fallen in love with Shree Krishna,
who roams in the dense forests of Vrindavan.

lie madhura bhāva ura dhārī, 
kiye yāra nikuṅja bihārī
Cherishing the most intimate loving sentiment in my heart, 
I have accepted Shree Krishna as my beloved.

hamarihuñ sudhi lo banavārī, 
ririyāta patita banavārī
O Shree Krishna! Please take care of me. 
This fallen soul is calling out to you, crying desperately.

mana sunata na neku hamārī, 
tuma sunu ‘kṛipālu’ banavārī
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “O merciful Shree Krishna! My mind does not listen to me at all.
 You yourself please listen to my humble prayer.”

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thakur Yugal Kishor Hamaro

thakura yugala kishor hamaro, 
chaakar hama piya pyari  ke
Shree Radha and Shree Krishna are my Supreme Lords.  
I am the humble servant of the divine couple.

guru seva hi dharma hamaro, 
daas na hama shruti chaari ke
My only duty is to serve my Guru selflessly.
 I am not a slave to the rites and rituals prescribed by the four Vedas.

chaha ihai, kachhu chaha na raha ura,
 daaas na mukti bicahri ke
It is my only desire that no desire should remain in my heart,not even the desire for liberation.

sukhi rahaun sevata nita sukha mahan, 
pyari aru banavari ke
I will remain happy, eternally serving Shree Radha and Shree Krishna for their happiness.

mahakaalaun kanpata thara thara, 
dara te jina giridhari ke
The Supreme Lord Giridhari (Shree Krishna), who makes even Yamraj (god of death)
 tremble with fear …

soi kanpata thara thara santi te, 
braja yashuda se naari ke
He himself trembles, looking at the thin stick in Mother Yashoda’s hand.

nahi manyo aparadha pootanahin, 
garala pivavana vari ke
O Shree Krishna!   You are so merciful that you overlooked the sins of the
 demoness Pootna, who nursed you with poisoned milk …

dai ‘kripalu’ nija loka matu sama, 
ko patatara banavari ke
And gave her permanent residence in your divine abode,as if she is your mother.  Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “O Shree Krishna! Who can match your gracious and merciful nature?”

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hamaro dhan, radhey ju ko naam

hamaro dhana, radhey ju ko naam
Radha Rani’s name is our only wealth.

radhey naama prataapa shyama bhaye,
rasikana me saranaama

It is the glory of Shree Radha’s name that has made the Supreme God Shree Krishna famous as the crown jewel of rasiks.

radhey naama siddha kari murali, 
taanana mohyo baama
Shree Krishna imbued the charm of the name ‘Radhey’ in his flute and thus captivated the hearts of all the gopis of Braj by its melodious tune.

radhey naama kripa te dvaapar,
 raas rachyo brajadhama
It is by the grace of Radha Rani’s name that Shree Krishna performed the divine ‘Maharaas’ pastime in Braj, in the age of Dwapar.

radhey naama sunata hi bhaajat,
 hari adhira tehi thaama
As soon as Shree Krishna hears the name “Radhey”, 
he impatiently runs to that place at once.

radhey naama rakaar bina raha,
shyamahu aadhe shyam
Without the ‘Ra’ of ‘Radhey’, ‘Radhey-Shyam’ becomes ‘Adhey-Shyam’ (half of Shyam).  That is, Shyam is left incomplete without Radhey.

karu ‘kripalu’ radhey radhey ki,
 ratana aathon yaama
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “O mind! Considering the greatness of the name ‘Radhey’, chant it at every moment of every day.”

Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to control the mind - Part 2

Swami Mukundananda continues his lecture by explaining that the mind is merely a servant of the intellect. We must learn to control the mind with the intellect that God has given to us.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to control the mind - Part 1

Shree Krishna says to Arjun:

  "To those whose minds are always united with me in loving devotion, I give the divine knowledge by which they can attain me." 

                                                                            -Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 10, Verse 10

 In this audio lecture, Swami Mukundananda explains that the mind alone is the cause of bondage and liberation from Maya and how can we control it.  It is important to attach the mind in the loving remembrance of God while doing any kind of devotion. In reality, it is only the attachment of the mind which is referred to as devotion in the spiritual realm.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Worldly Happiness is Short Lived

Since infinite lifetimes, all of us are searching happiness in this material world but according to our scriptures (Vedas) and our personal experiences, there is no doubt that worldly happiness is short lived. It is finite and illusive. If there is pleasure in any material object, then we should experience this pleasure forever. But this is not the case. The pleasure from wealth, spouse, children, food etc. keeps on fluctuating and finally comes to an end.

During his tour of Gujarat in 2016, Swamiji delivered the following pad explanation in the city of Anand.  To find out more detailed explanation about this pad, listen to this audio lecture and pad sung by Swami Mukundananda. 

naatha! aba bhatakata thaki gaye paama
O Shree Krishna! Wandering aimlessly in this world,
my feet have now become exhausted.

puni puni janami janami dukha payo, nahi payo vishraam
Born again and again, life after life, I have experienced only sorrow. Never have I found rest even for a single moment.

joote laata khaata pati vanitani, nahi abahu uparaama
Innumerable times have I suffered abuse and insult from my worldly relations, but I have not developed any detachment from them to date.

parhata sunata jaanata maanata pai, mana dhaanata hatha baama
Though I have acquired enough scriptural knowledge through reading and listening, and I accept their truth, even then my mind refuses to abandon its stubbornness. 

yadyapi tava leela guna gaavat, leta tumharoi naama
Although I always sing the glories of your divine pastimes and virtues and chant only your name...

tadapi ‘kripalu’ kripalu kripa binu, chhutai na indrina kaama
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “O merciful Shree Krishna, but without your grace, the attachment of these senses to material objects will not go away.”