Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hum to teri ada par fida ho gaye

Hum to teri ada par fida ho gaye
Dino duniya sabhi alvida ho gaye 
 I have fallen victim to your charms, bidding farewell to this world and celestial abodes.  
Ab na jannat ki khavahis na dozakh ka dar
 Dil ki aukat kya ham to khud kho gaye
Gone is the desire for heaven; gone is the fear of hell. I have lost not only my heart, but my self in you.

Ab khua ki ibadat ki adat gayi
Ham hi tum ho gaye tum hi ham ho gaye
No longer do I have the habit of worshiping God.  Now I have become you, and you have become me.

Bevafa tum sa koi na dekha suna
Phir bhi laute na vo tere dar jo gaye
I have not seen or heard of anyone as treacherous as you. Still, no one turns back to the world after accepting you.

Bevafa ki zafa hi hai sachi vafa
Rajda hai 'kripalu' tere ho gaye
Being faithful to the treacherous is true love.  Says Shri ‘Kripalu’, “This secret is known only to those who have become yours.” 

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