Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Braj rasa barsi rahyo"

brajarasa barasi rahyo braja vithina,
gyani binu jane bharamaya
The supreme divine nectar of Braj Ras is showering down everywhere in Braj, but gyanis (who practice the path of knowledge) are wandering around aimlessly, without any knowledge about this.

jehi khojata gyani jana lakhana
The Impersonal Supreme Brahm, whom the millions of gyanis search for...

charihu– vedana ki pratishakhana
 in every branch of the four Vedas ...

hari 'alakha' imi lage bhakhana
and at the end, accepting their defeat, declare that he is imperceptible ...

vrinda vipina sakhina anchala pata,
lipata rahyo soi dhaya
In the dense forests of Braj, that same Brahm is found running after the gopis and embracing their ‘anchal’ (upper end of the sari) to get their love.

jehi shankara ura-antara dhyavata
That Supreme Lord, whom Lord Shiv always meditates upon in his heart,

jako bheda veda nahin pavata
Whom even the Vedas could not understand,

nirvikalpa, nirlepa, batavata
Whom they define as Absolute and Unattached,

soi nikunja bicha bhanulali ke,
charana palotata jaya
The same Supreme Lord can be seen gently massaging the lotus feet of Radha Rani with love and adoration in the inner groves of Vrindavan.

jehi mayavasa vishva charachara
That Supreme Brahm, whose external potency Maya controls the animate and the inanimate of the universe,

brahmanda-nayaka vidhi, hari hara
And makes the governors of the universe, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar...

nachata jyon nata paravasha banara
 dance under its control like a monkey under the control of its master,

tehi dai chhachha neku si chhorina,
kotina nacha nachaya
In Braj, that same Brahm, the almighty lord of Maya, is made to dance innumerable times by the young gopis just for a handful of buttermilk.

jaki bhrikuti-vilasa pralayakara
That Brahm, who can destroy the entire universe simply by a slight crease of his eyebrows,

jake dara ka–pata dara, thara thara
And out of whose fear, Fear itself trembles with fear,

namahi jako bhava bandhana-hara
And whose name itself possesses the power to destroy the unbreakable bonds of Maya

tako ukhala ba–dhi yashoda, lai sa–ti darapaya
In Braj, that same Almighty Brahm is seen tied up to a mortar wheel by his mother Yashoda who is causing him to tremble with fear merely by holding a little stick in her hand.

jehi lagi japi tapi, bharamavata
That Supreme Brahm, for whom millions of aspirants wander, practicing severe austerities and chanting on beads,

yogi yoga agini jari javata
And great ascetics burn themselves in the yogic fire,

nija bala kripa kora nahin pavata
They fail to receive even a speck of his grace, as they are trying to attain him by relying on their own strength

so 'kripalu' nija maya goda hita,
paryo dharani bilakhaya
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “That same supreme, unattainable, imperceptible Brahm of the gyanis, is rolling on the ground and crying bitterly for mother Yashoda to take him into her lap.”

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