Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ab To Daya Karo


dayamaya! aba to daya karo
O merciful Lord! At least now, please have mercy on me.  

bani akaran-karun jaani nija, 
avaguna chita na dharo
Considering your causelessly merciful nature, please pay no attention to my faults.

hama ayana mana-budhi-ateeta puni, 
tuma aru jana tumharo
We are ignorant, whereas you and your saints are beyond the reach of our material mind and intellect.

yate santan kahyo na maanata, 
ura abhiman kharo
For that reason and because our heart is filled with pride and ego, we refuse to accept the advice of your saints.

sunyo kaan abhiman asana tava,
 puni kahe ju daro
I have heard from your rasik saints that you eat away pride with great ease. Then why are you afraid of my pride?

dehu ‘kripaluhi’ charana kamala rati, 
jaat tritaap jaro
Says Shree Kripalu “O Lord! I have been burning in this fire of the three sorrows. Now please bless me with selfless love for your lotus feet.”

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